Heated Debate on the Hartman Perfetti Incident Erupts Between Members of the Sportnet Panel

Dawson McKenzie
January 4, 2024  (10:26)

Sportsnet Panel during intermission.
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A heated debate between members of the Sportsnet panel erupted last night after Jamal Mayers and Jennifer Botterill didn't back down from each other on their opinions of the Hartman-Perfetti incident.

Hartman Deliberately High Sticks Perfetti and Is Merely Fined

The drama around the Perfetti and Hartman incident has continued. After Ryan Hartman was caught on a hot-mic saying that he intentionally high-sticked Cole Perfetti, the Department of Player Safety in the NHL merely fined him. Many thought that he should have been given a suspension for intent to injure, especially given Hartman's rap sheet.
Minnesota's Ryan Hartman has been fined $4,427.08, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for high-sticking Winnipeg's Cole Perfetti.
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Here is the high stick that everyone is talking about, done intentionally by Hartman.

Jennifer Botterill and Jamal Mayers Debate on Sportsnet Panel

Of course, this incident has been talked about on all of the major panels during intermissions around the Country. During the Sportsnet panel, though, Jennifer Botterill and Jamal Mayers got into a heated debate. Mayers believes that this is just regular business in the NHL, and it just confirmed what everyone already thought went on in the NHL. He belives it falls within the code that NHL players follow.
Botterill, on the other hand, believes that this was taken a step too far, and that it is important to protect the players in order to advance the game of hockey. Take a look at the back-and-forth below.
There are obviously arguments to be had on both sides. On one hand, the physicality of the NHL is best sheriffed by the players themselves. On the other, there is a clear line that was crossed in this play.
We will see how the players decide to settle this when the Jets and Wild play again on February 20th.
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Heated Debate on the Hartman Perfetti Incident Erupts Between Members of the Sportnet Panel

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