Former Winnipeg Jet Under Investigation After Major Accusations

Published October 13, 2023 at 11:43

This former Winnipeg Jet faced serious investigation after he was accused of criminal activities during a game.

Carl Klingberg Investigated For Match Fixing

Carl Klingberg, former Winnipeg Jet and brother of Leafs' defenceman John Klingberg, recently was under investigation for match-fixing after he made some joking comments to reporters.

After an 8-2 win in the Swedish Hockey League, Klingberg jokingly told reporters he asked players to stop scoring, as one of his team's well-known supporters always bets on the score being 8-2. His comments were immediately reported to the league for potential match-fixing issues.

League Investigation Says No Match Fixing Occured

After the League did its investigation, it determined that there were no match-fixing issues during the game and that Klingberg's comments were just a joke. However, it reiterated the severity of normalizing match-fixing in a world where sports betting is everywhere.

"The thorough investigation conducted by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association's competition department shows no signs of suspected gambling or manipulation of sporting results in order to benefit himself or other parties."

"There is no indication of match-fixing and therefore no reason for us to report the player to the disciplinary committee. However, we seriously consider that the player with his statement in the media, even if it was in a joking tone, normalized match-fixing. We see no place whatsoever in ice hockey for match-fixing or illegal betting." - Swedish Ice Hockey Association

As seen on Blade of Steel - "League announces decision after investigation into Karl Klingberg after match fixing allegations"
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Former Winnipeg Jet Under Investigation After Major Accusations

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