Former Jets Star Defenseman is disappointed in Winnipeg Fans

Julien Trekker
October 31, 2023  (10:17)

On Monday night, the New York Rangers were in Winnipeg to face off against the Jets. The visitors ended up winning 3-2 in overtime, but that's not the only thing to remember from the evening.

The game marked the return of two former Jets to Winnipeg, and they made a sad observation.

Two Former Jets Return to a Surprising Sight in Winnipeg

Blake Wheeler and Jacob Trouba have spent a big part of their careers in Winnipeg. Wheeler played 12 seasons with the Jets, and Trouba, six.
As you probably know, the Jets have been struggling to sell game tickets since the season started.
The 3000 empty seats in the arena was a sight that both players aren't used to see in Winnipeg.
Trouba commented:
"When I was here it was always fun to come. It was always packed, loud. Some great memories, especially when you think of the playoffs. Even regular-season games were always pretty exciting here.

Yeah, it's obviously tough to see. I don't think anybody likes that. But I guess it's the reality right now. Hopefully it gets turned around. Because it's a fun place to play when it's rocking in there."

While Trouba seemed a bit disappointed, Wheeler added an interesting point:
"You've just got to be careful, because you don't know what people are going through. And obviously, economically, times aren't necessarily as good as they've ever been."

"Go to any bar in town and they're probably full, watching games. I'm sure the majority of TV's in town are watching every game, every night. Obviously you'd love to see a rocking building every night and have it full. It just may not be an option for some people. But I know that everyone's heart still beats with this team."


An Emotional Return for Wheeler

Wheeler came back in Winnipeg for the first time since he left for New York this summer.
The fans gave their former captain a big ovation as a video tribute played on the jumbotron.
He opened up about his return:
"It was pretty crazy. From going to the game on a bus, seeing that jersey on the other side. I told the guys there's a decent chance I'm going to pass a couple to the other team. But it was a day I've been looking forward to. And I really appreciate everything the organization put together.

"Just everything, all the 26 jerseys, getting an ovation like that – it feels great to know you made an impact.»

While nearly 3000 seats were empty for his return, it's safe to say Wheeler was one of the most appreciated player in recent Jets history.
As seen on Winnipeg Sun - 'Tough to see': former Jets Wheeler, Trouba, weigh in on Winnipeg attendance woes
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Former Jets Star Defenseman is disappointed in Winnipeg Fans

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