Devastating Statement Released by TJ Oshie

Published July 22, 2023 at 9:12 PM

A Plea for Support

TJ Oshie, a professional hockey player for the Washington Capitals, is turning to his fans and followers for support.

Oshie has initiated a campaign to help the family of a dear friend through a GoFundMe fundraiser.

His heartfelt appeal is directed towards aiding the family of Michael Tveiter, a high school colleague and teammate of Oshie.

"Absolutely heartbroken to learn that my good friend and high school teammate unexpectedly died yesterday while taking a nap from a migraine. Any donation to his wife and kids pictured below can help them navigate life without Michael moving forward. Love you Tveiter!!" - TJ Oshie"

Remembering 'Tweeter'

Michael Tveiter, affectionately known as 'Tweeter' by his friends, was an ardent hockey enthusiast throughout his life.

"Tveiter (Tweeter) as we all call him was also a great mentor to the numerous boys he has coached as a member of the Warroad Boys Highschool Hockey coaching staff. As a teammate in his High School days Tveiter was known as the big teddy bear but also a protector of the team on the ice.

A big brother that would stick up for anyone dawning the black and gold. March 8, 2023 marked the 20th Anniversary of when Tveiter and his teammates won the State Championship.

Exploring Oshie's Early Years

Hailing from the state of Washington, Oshie's childhood days were spent in Everitt, a city located near Seattle.

It was here that Oshie began his journey into hockey. He emerged as a three-time high school All-Star and scored an impressive 100 points throughout senior year.

The GoFundMe can be found below:

In Memory of Michael Tveit

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Devastating Statement Released by TJ Oshie

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