Three-time Stanley Cup Champion on the Trade Market

Published August 5, 2023 at 11:51

Cap Constraints May Force Golden Knights' Hand

Championship glory often comes with a hefty price tag. The Golden Knights have already felt the pinch, having to trade away Reilly Smith for just picks as they could no longer afford him.

The team now finds itself with a cap hit of $87,648,317 in a league with an $83.5 million ceiling. This financial pressure could result in the Golden Knights parting ways with Alec Martinez, one of their top defensemen.


Martinez Reportedly on the Trading Block

A recent report by Jesse Granger from the Athletic hints at the Golden Knights' intention to shop around Martinez to rid themselves of his $5.25 million contract.

Though Martinez might not be a prolific scorer, his role in his own zone is critical, as he works to deny scoring opportunities to opposing teams' top players.

With only one year remaining on his contract, a team willing to gamble on Martinez could boost their playoff odds significantly.

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Three-time Stanley Cup Champion on the Trade Market

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