Mark Stone Fires A Shot At The Player That Delivered A Dirty Hit On Him

Published September 28, 2023 at 9:17

The Vegas Golden Knights came away with a pretty successful 2022-23 campaign, and as we begin the quest for the Cup again, it's clear that they have a major target on their backs.

A massive hit


It didn't take long for that target to turn into a massive hit, as Hayden Hodgson attempted to run through Mark Stone during their pre-season matchup, and unsurprisingly, the Golden Knights took issue with that.

While the puck was still near Stone's stick, it's the type of hit in the pre-season on an opposing teams captain that's unnecessary, and after all the injuries Stone has had to deal with, it's the last thing he wants in the pre-season.

Firing a shot back

Given how fired up Stone was about the incident, it comes as no shock that he fired a major shot at Hodgson after the game.

That's probably the last time I'll ever play against that guy. He's not much of a player.

The Kings-Knights rivalry is already a fairly heated one between two Pacific Division teams, and while Hodgson may not be in the NHL the next time these two teams meet, it's safe to say members of the team may remember this happening.
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Mark Stone Fires A Shot At The Player That Delivered A Dirty Hit On Him

Will Hodgson ever play an NHL game against the Knights?

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No3649.3 %
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