Sean Avery Calls Out Ryan Reaves Regarding Drama With Corey Perry

Published October 24, 2023 at 8:22 PM

In a recent podcast, Sean Avery called out Ryan Reaves for his comments on Corey Perry, as Avery believes Reaves is on his high horse in Toronto.

Reaves Still Getting Accustomed to the Toronto Maple Leafs

Ryan Reaves has been welcomed in Toronto by some, and widely criticized by others. The toughness he brings to the table is said by some analysts and media members to not be enough to cover for his slower play. Some are beginning to question whether it was worth it to bring him in this year.

The boys want to see more out of Ryan Reaves. And no, they won't be saying that to his face.

Now, Reaves is being called out by former NHL instigator Sean Avery for his comments about Corey Perry.

Avery Thinks Reaves Is Letting the Bright Lights of Toronto Get to His Ego

Avery recently took to a podcast to call out Reaves, saying he is living on a different planet for making comments about Corey Perry.

Recently, Sean Avery decided to weigh in on the ongoing feud between Corey Perry and Ryan Reaves, discussing Reaves' comments on the matter.

The comments are sparking some drama, but it is interesting to see Avery's thoughts on how long Reaves will stay in the lineup. He believes, like some, that Reaves won't remain in the Leafs' lineup every night once the midpoint of the season passes.

However, many see the benefit that the big physical forward brings to the lineup, and that includes his teammates, as Reaves won the player of the game belt from Auston Matthews after the Leafs win against the Wild.

7-4 vs MIN: Matthews —> Reaves
- second fighting major in two games, to spur the team
- 5 hits (led team)
- Auston had a second hat trick, but refused to keep the belt for himself

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Sean Avery Calls Out Ryan Reaves Regarding Drama With Corey Perry

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