Ryan Reaves' Latest Comments May Force Gary Bettman To Launch An Investigation Into The Maple Leafs Organization

Dawson McKenzie
January 24, 2024  (11:52)

Ryan Reaves During a Game with the Toronto Maple Leafs
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In a recent interview, Ryan Reaves made some shocking comments that could spark an investigation by the league into the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.

Reaves Says He is Healthy Despite Leafs Keeping Him on Injured Reserve

One of Brad Treliving's first moves as GM of the Leafs was to make a big splash in signing noted tough guy Ryan Reaves. However, that signing is coming back to haunt him as Reaves performed fairly poorly during his first few games with the Leafs. He later went out with a lower-body injury and was placed on the Injured Reserve list, sheltering Treliving from facing the consequences of his move.
Now, though, Reaves has told reporters that he is healthy, and has been for several weeks, despite the Leafs keeping him on Injured Reserve.
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So Ryan Reaves comes out and says he's been healthy for weeks now but the leafs still keep him on injury reserve, and the league does nothing about it?

They should at least investigate? If not, that just goes to show you how corrupt Gary Bettman is.

The Leafs insist that he is not healthy enough to return, and this is causing some friction between Reavs and the squad.
Ryan Reaves insists he has been healthy for weeks despite Maple Leafs keeping him on injured reserve

Reaves Struggled In Stint Earlier This Season

Despite Reaves' calls that he is healthy, there is no denying the fact that he struggled earlier this year. While his toughness is notable, his lack of speed and defensive ability was also notable. With the speed of today's game, its become harder and harder to find a lineup spot for guys like Reaves.
Now, however, Reaves has been elevated from the IR as Tyler Bertuzzi was away for the delivery of his baby. This will inevitably lead to some roster issues when he returns.
We will see what the Leafs do when Bertuzzi returns, and if Reaves has booked his ticket to the Marlies.
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Ryan Reaves' Latest Comments May Force Gary Bettman To Launch An Investigation Into The Maple Leafs Organization

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