McDavid's Recent Decision Sparks Hope Among Leafs Fans

Published August 3, 2023 at 2:28 PM

Some breaking news hit the hockey world that has completely changed some fans' perspectives on the NHL. We might be about to see some huge names on the move, so keep reading to find out more!

McDavid Switches Agents

It was reported this morning that Connor McDavid's agent Jeff Jackson has been hired by the Edmonton Oilers as their CEO of Hockey Operations, meaning he can no longer represent the superstar forward.

Rather than leave the agency altogether, McDavid opted to find a new agent within the same firm, and he landed on Judd Muldaver. Interestingly enough, Muldaver is also the agent of fellow superstar Auston Matthews and now has Leafs fans wondering if this could help entice McDavid to come home.

While this is nothing more than speculation, it's interesting that McDavid chose the same agent as Matthews.

Mock Trade

Of course, we can't speculate without coming up with a mock trade to send McDavid to Toronto, so here's what we would do.

Toronto Receives: Connor McDavid

Edmonton Receives: Mitch Marner, John Klingberg, Nick Robertson, Matthews Knies, Topi Niemela, and Toronto's 2024 + 2026 first-round picks


While it's incredibly hard to find a fair value for McDavid, and both teams would likely say no for various reasons, we tried to find some common ground. Toronto gets the best player in the world, and Edmonton gets back a superstar forward, a great offensive defenseman, two first-round picks, and three prospects.

What do you think? Let us know!

As Seen on Hockey Patrol - McDavid Hires Matthews' Agent
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McDavid's Recent Decision Sparks Hope Among Leafs Fans

Who would win this trade?

Toronto4260 %
Edmonton1825.7 %
Fair deal1014.3 %
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