Auston Matthews receiving the MVP title at the 2024 All-Star game.
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Feud Breaks Out On Instagram Between Draisaitl and Matthews

Published February 6, 2024 at 11:04

The All-Star Weekend offers a unique chance for NHL players to set aside their rivalries and collaborate. However, as soon as the festivities conclude, things go back to normal, with players quickly reverting to their usual rivalries.


Matthews and Draisaitl Get Back to Being Rivals Right After All-Star Weekend

Only a day after the All-Star Weekend, an altercation between Auston Matthews and Leon Draisaitl unfolded on Instagram. After winning the game and the MVP title, Matthews expressed his gratitude towards Toronto with a post.

The situation escalated when Draisaitl left a comment on Matthews' post, to which Matthews responded rather bluntly.

Check out what they said:

Draisaitl: "Keep ur head up"

Matthews: "Get away from me"

We can clearly feel the tension between the two players, highlighting how quickly things can turn.

The Oilers and the Leafs are set to face off on March 23rd. We can't wait to see how this rivalry will look on the ice or if the players will engage in more social media antics.

Stay tuned for updates.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Matthews and Leon Draisaitl Start a Feud Following the All-Star Game
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Feud Breaks Out On Instagram Between Draisaitl and Matthews

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