Connor McDavid's Future Just Became Less Certain, Could He Come To Toronto?

Graham Montgomery
November 13, 2023  (9:53 PM)

The Edmonton Oilers are in a state of disrepair. Despite having both Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, the team remains incapable of taking the next step. This year, the team appears to have taken several steps backwards as they sit 31st in the league, only ahead of San Jose. Now even McDavid's future is in question.

McDavid Could Be Leaving Edmonton For Toronto Maple Leafs

It was reported this morning that McDavid is seriously 'pissed off' at the Oilers' ineptitude. Since he was drafted in 2015, the Oilers have made the playoffs five times. They've one a round just three times in that span, with their best run coming in 2022 when they lost in the conference finals.
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News of McDavid's displeasure spread like a wildfire in high wind conditions. Rumors and fan made trade proposals immediately began to take the hockey world by storm.
Like with any other big name free agent or disgruntled player looking for a trade, fans and media members alike have found ways to link the greatest player in the league to The Toronto Maple Leafs.

McDavid Hints That Toronto Would Be Dream Destination

The news also reminded fans of these comments McDavid made about Toronto several months ago. Some fans pointed to these comments as a reason to think he may request a trade to Toronto specifically, or may choose to sign there when his current contract expires.
"I could feel that a little bit. It's fun. It's fun to play in Toronto. You know, obviously, I'm a little bit biased. I'm a Toronto kid. But I strongly consider Toronto to be kind of the Mecca of hockey. I really do. Just with all the media and the fans and, obviously, the history of the Leafs. So I like watching Pittsburgh for obvious reasons. And I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this (chuckles) but I like watching the Leafs just with all the talent they have. Those are probably my top two."

The Leafs are in a bit of an odd situation themselves as William Nylander is currently pricing himself out of Toronto if he keeps producing at his current rate. Without Nylander, The Leafs top-six would become a serious case of haves and have nots. After Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and John Tavares the Leafs would have no proven top-six forwards on their roster past this season.
While these discussions remain purely speculative, it only seems to make sense that McDavid would want a chance to play with Auston Matthews. At that point if the team can't find a way to win, we might have to admit that the Leafs are genuinely cursed.
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Connor McDavid's Future Just Became Less Certain, Could He Come To Toronto?

Will McDavid spend his entire career with the Oilers?

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