Sidney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, skating during a game against the LA Kings.
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Sidney Crosby Shares His Mixed Feelings Regarding the Jake Guentzel Trade

Published March 8, 2024 at 9:33

Sidney Crosby just responded to questions about the Jake Guentzel trade, and shared his feelings about what happened and the future of the team.

Crosby Shares Feelings About Trade For His Right-Hand Man

Since 2016, Jake Guentzel has been the protege for Sidney Crosby, learning his every move to try and emulate the success that one of the greatest to play has had. Of course, the two have grown close, given their time spent together in Pittsburgh.

Now, with Guentzel being traded yesterday, Crosby has revealed his feelings to the trade, stating that he will miss Guentzel as a teammate and a friend.

«He's a great player, great teammate, a friend,» Crosby said. «He did everything he possibly could in his time here. Just a privilege to play with him.»

Great memories,» Crosby said. «It was a privilege. That's all I can say.»

When Crosby was asked about what the trade and the return would mean for the future of the team or the message it sends to the guys, he said he wasn't sure.

«I don't know.»

Sidney Crosby on what message GM Kyle Dubas sent to ⁦@penguins with trade of Jake Guentzel.

Crosby Trade Extremely Unlikely But Appears to Be Less Unlikely Than Before

Of course, it remains extremely unlikely that Sidney Crosby is traded out of Pittsburgh. However, with the trade, it is clear that Kyle Dubas is looking long into the future as his potential winning window. Long enough that Crosby will likely be retired when they are in a place to win again. If Crosby wants another cup, he will have to go somewhere else.

Crosby rumors are really starting to heat up more than expected, nothing official and plenty of moving parts to get things in motion but talks are 🔥 #Avalanche #Canucks #Leafs

Sid is listening and he wants to do the right thing for Penguins franchise and also compete for Cup

We will see what happens today as the deadline madness could end up with anything happening.

As seen on The Hockey News - "Penguins' Sidney Crosby Reacts to Jake Guentzel Trade"
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Sidney Crosby Shares His Mixed Feelings Regarding the Jake Guentzel Trade

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