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Nick Kypreos reveals the potential massive offer rejected by Jake Guentzel

Published February 2, 2024 at 8:22

The Pittsburgh Penguins have reportedly extended a new contract offer to Jake Guentzel, though it appears no agreement has been reached as of yet.

Pittsburgh Penguins' Contract Offer to Jake Guentzel Remains Unsigned

As the 2023-24 NHL season approached, all eyes were on Guentzel, especially considering his recovery from offseason ankle surgery and the looming conclusion of his current contract. Despite his critical role and impressive performance with the team, discussions about a contract extension had not been initiated.

With the Penguins facing challenges on the ice, Guentzel's future has become a prominent topic of discussion as the trade deadline draws near. While it is clear that the Penguins value Guentzel as one of their leading scorers and would prefer to retain his services, the absence of progress towards a new deal might compel Kyle Dubas, the team's management, to consider trading options. This situation places significant pressure on negotiations, hinting at possible major changes depending on how contract talks evolve.

«It's my understanding that there may have been something offered to him in the ballpark of $50 million,» Nick Kypreos said. «And as of now he's not signed. Let's just put it that way.»

The extension is envisioned as a six-year contract with an annual value of $8.5 million. Commencing next year, this deal would secure Guentzel's position with Pittsburgh until he reaches the age of 36.
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Nick Kypreos reveals the potential massive offer rejected by Jake Guentzel

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