RUMOR: New Teams Targeting Top Senators Player

Published September 11, 2023 at 9:33

New teams are interested in one of the Senators' top young players looking to capitalize off their cap constraints.

The Problem

The Ottawa Senators are in a tough spot with Shane Pinto, a promising young player. They have limited salary cap space, around $900k, and need to secure Pinto while keeping under the cap.

The issue here is that signing Pinto might require the Senators to trade away another valuable player, like Mathieu Joseph, and this could mean losing more assets. This puts the team in a tricky situation.

Given the cap challenges, the Senators need to think about their choices. One option is to trade Shane Pinto, but it's not simple. Other teams are aware of the Senators' situation and are making low offers. This makes the decision even more complicated.

Interest from New Teams

Eklund, a well-known insider from HockeyBuzz.com, has talked about Shane Pinto's situation and highlighted the Senators' difficulties:


The Sens are going to have a tough time signing Pinto, and there is no lack of interestShould they keep him or move him?

The Vancouver Canucks are an interesting option for Shane Pinto. The Canucks already have Elias Pettersson and JT Miller as center options, but Miller is better as a winger. Pinto could add a much-needed defensive game to the Canucks' lineup.

The New York Islanders are another appealing choice for Pinto. His style of play matches well with the Islanders' approach. If they decide to make a move, Pinto could step in as a perfect replacement for JG Pageau, fitting seamlessly into their system.

In the end, the Ottawa Senators face a difficult decision. If the right deal comes along, they might have to part ways with Shane Pinto. The path ahead is uncertain, but the Senators must handle it carefully and wisely.

As seen on HockeyBuzz.com - Bruins, Canucks, and Islanders Interested in Pinto
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RUMOR: New Teams Targeting Top Senators Player

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