Brandon Duhaime looking at his vehicle after revenge prank from Marc-Andre Fleury
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Fleury pranks back former teammate Brandon Duhaime for TP-ing his car

Published April 9, 2024 at 0:22
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April 9, 2024  (0:22)

After his former teammate, Brandon Duhaime, TP'd his vehicle in Thursday night's game against the Colorado Avalanche, Minnesota Wild goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury took the prank war up a few notches.

Brandon Duhaime played with Marc-Andre Fleury and the Minnesota Wild on and off since the 2021-2022 season. When Duahaime was due to play against Fleury on Thursday night with Colorado, he could not pass up the opportunity to prank "The Flower" by tp-ing his car

"This is Marc-Andre Fleury's vehicle. We can neither confirm nor deny that this is Brandon Duhaime'sdoing."

Known for being a goofball, The Flower was not to be outdone in a prank war. In response, he had the player's tires removed and placed on cinderblocks, while putting a flower bed on the hood, making it very clear who had done this.

"Marc-Andre Fleury has retaliated in his prank war with Brandon Duhaime 😂🌸 "

If the nickname was not enough of a hint, Fleury also put a "for sale" sign on the front window with a written note and the sharpie he used. It also tells us that the player additionally took Duhaime's keys and will get them back after an apology video is made.

"My Dear Friend... If you would like to know where the keys to the lock are and the tools to put the tires back on, send me an apology video..."

After seeing the product of Fleury's revenge, Duhaime brushed it off somewhat light-heartedly, implying he would wait to apologize.

"I need a ride home. I'm gonna deal with this another time."

The two will play against each other again tomorrow night, meaning we may not be quite at the end of their prank war. What we do know though, is that we may start to see more security in the buildings.

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Fleury gets revenge on former teammate who TP'd his car
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Fleury pranks back former teammate Brandon Duhaime for TP-ing his car

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