P.K. Subban believes Edmonton Oilers championship window is closing

Tyler Ball
May 22, 2024  (9:25)

NHL analyst PK Subban speaking on First Take on ESPN about the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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The Edmonton Oilers are heading to the Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Stars and last night NHL analyst P.K. Subban talked about their chances of winning and the team's future.

P.K. Subban is one of the most respected television analysts in hockey right now due to his honesty. Recently that honesty was directed at the Edmonton Oilers. P.K. Subban said that he believes the Edmonton Oilers are the worst team left in the playoffs.
This is a tough time to win. I still don't think they're the best team left in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I think Dallas is better than them. I think Florida is better than them. I think the Rangers are deeper than them.

This is a major shot at the Edmonton Oilers as many believe they are the most talented roster left in the playoffs. Due to their lack of playoff success in the Connor McDavid era, the skepticism from P.K. Subban does make sense though. P.K. Subban also admitted that if the Oilers do not cross the finish line and win a Stanley Cup this season their chances could fade fast.
So, if Connor doesn't win this year, it's not the end of the world. But that window is definitely closing for his opportunity to win a Stanley Cup in Edmonton. It's got to happen sooner than later. I mean, it's enough time now; it's time to get over the hump.

P.K. Subban does not outright say this is a make-or-break year for the Edmonton Oilers but it does seem heavily implied. The current Edmonton Oilers core are all in their mid to late 20s they likely have several seasons left together before they are out of their prime winning years. This means several more seasons of competing.
The thing that could be the dagger in their Stanley Cup chances is the situation currently happening in Toronto. The Maple Leafs made the playoffs several years in a row and have failed to make progress or win a Stanley Cup. If the Oilers continue to fail the patience will begin to wear thin.
Source: Sportskeeda - That Stanley Cup window is definitely closing» - P.K. Subban believes time is running out for Connor McDavid
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P.K. Subban believes Edmonton Oilers championship window is closing

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