The Oilers Have Escaped Disaster This Offseason Surrounding Evan Bouchard

Published August 1, 2023 at 1:22 PM

The Oilers appear to have avoided disaster with Evan Bouchard.

Oilers In Trouble

The Edmonton Oilers are in a major cap crunch at the moment. They currently only have $5.6 million to sign Evan Bouchard and Ryan McLeod.

McLeod has filed for arbitration which will mean he and the Oilers will have to find a middle ground for his next contract.

Bouchard on the other hand is due for a pay raise and many have speculated on him getting offer sheeted but Robert Tychkowski of the Edmonton Sun has attempted to put these rumors to bed.

Oilers Evade Disaster

In a recent article for the Edmonton Sun, Tychkowski spoke on the Oilers' cap crunch and specifically, what could happen with Evan Bouchard.

"Edmonton appears to have already dodged the other potential grenade, an offer sheet for Bouchard, which could have blown up their world. If one was coming it would have happened by now.

That saves their bacon this year, but it also kicks Bouchard's situation down the road, similar to what happened with Darnell Nurse. They'll have to bridge him, he will have already taken the home team discount and he will have more rights next time he goes to the negotiating table." - Robert Tychkowski


Bouchard is coming off a 40-point year and will be looking to build off of it. While the danger may appear to be averted, it would likely only cost a 2nd round pick for a team to offer sheet Bouchard which would end brutally for Edmonton.

As read on the Edmonton Sun - Edmonton Oilers holding breath on McLeod contract
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The Oilers Have Escaped Disaster This Offseason Surrounding Evan Bouchard

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