The Great One reveals Pre-Game Routine

Published July 25, 2023 at 1:56 PM

Gretzky's Pre-Game Meal

One of the most commonly thought questions when looking at the greats of the sport is what made them successful.

For many players they have a specific meal that must be eaten before every time they step on the ice and Wayne Gretzky the best to ever play revealed what his pre-game nutrition looked like.


Gretzky would also fuel up with some chocolate bars between periods.

«We didn't have all the fancy power bars and nutrition information back then, so I worked with what we had.

Seeing the dietary changes from then to now is pretty remarkable» (Wayne Gretzky, 2022)

Changes From Then to Now

Players from the past stages of the NHL would do something called "carbo-load" where players would load up on pasta and other foods that are in carbs to help try to keep them enhance their proformance.

Now with the advancement in dietary needs and the way players treat their bodies are much better now.

Players will now try keep their foods high in proteins and vitamins rather than load up on carbs that has found to weigh you down on the ice.

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The Great One reveals Pre-Game Routine

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