REPORT: Connor McDavid Is On The Verge Of Making History Next Season

Published September 3, 2023 at 9:24 PM

Connor McDavid, often regarded as one of the best NHL players ever, is getting close to a huge achievement: reaching 1,000 points in his career.

The Big Goal

Right now, Connor McDavid has 850 points in his career. That means he's only 150 points away from the magical 1000-point mark. Getting 150 points in one season is a big deal, and only six players have ever done it. Surprisingly, McDavid did it just last season.

With his talent, dedication, and support from his team, another 150-point season isn't out of the question.


McDavid needs 150 to hit 1000 and I think that's more likely than Wheeler getting 78

Among the Best

If McDavid can repeat last year's incredible performance and hit 1,000 points, he'll likely do it in less than 650 games. Only two other players, Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky, have accomplished this.

McDavid is already being discussed as one of the NHL's all-time best players. His 150-point season from last year put him in a special group with legends like Gretzky, Lemieux, Esposito, Nichols, and Yzerman. If he can do it again, he'll join an even more exclusive club of hockey icons.

If he can join a club even more exclusive having the best and second best player of all time, McDavid may have a legitimate claim as a top three player of all time.

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REPORT: Connor McDavid Is On The Verge Of Making History Next Season

Will Connor McDavid reach 1,000 career points next season?

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