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Oilers Assistant Coach Gives A Harsh Call Out To His Players

Published December 17, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Recently we heard a message from an Edmonton Oilers assistant coach for the first time since the team has started to turn a corner.

Assistant Coach Defines His Role Within The Team

In a recent interview Oilers assistant coach Paul Coffey was asked about his relationship with his players. Coffey gave a harsh but insightful answer on how he handles the development of players on his team.


This is not an uncommon coaching technique. Many coaches tend to be less friendly and more of a boss. Coffey also continued and talked about defense specifically and what he looks for from a defenseman who plays for him.

Coffey Gives A Harsh Call Out To Defensemen

In another part of the interview, Coffey talked about his expectations from his defensive group. He has a very simple expectation from every defenseman and is willing to find someone else to do the job if they can't follow through.


Coffey wants his defensive players to make an impact on the game. While this is a relatively vague answer from Coffey it sounds as though active defensemen willing to engage in play at both ends of the ice is a must to play in Edmonton.

It will be interesting to see if any players on the Oilers find themselves on the outside looking in due to Coffey's style.

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Oilers Assistant Coach Gives A Harsh Call Out To His Players

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