Ken Holland Under Fire for Lying During Team Press Conference

Published November 12, 2023 at 7:26 PM

Conflicting Statements at Oilers Press Conference After Coach's Dismissal

In a turbulent period for the Edmonton Oilers, marked by a disappointing start to the season with a 3-9-1 record, the team has decided to dismiss Head Coach Jay Woodcroft. However, the press conference addressing this change, led by GM Ken Holland and Oilers President Jeff Jackson, introduced more confusion than clarity.

During the conference, Holland stated that discussions were held with Oilers veterans about the situation, a claim that Jackson immediately contradicted by asserting that veterans had no involvement.

Are they not saying the exact opposite of each other?

Lack of Alignment in Oilers' Leadership After Coaching Change

While the involvement of players in the decision to fire Woodcroft is not the primary issue, the differing accounts from Holland and Jackson have raised eyebrows. It's not unusual for team leaders to have input on coaching decisions, but the concern here lies in the apparent lack of alignment between the Oilers' executives.

I'm seeing some #Oilers fans turning on Connor McDavid because of the decision to fire Woodcroft & hire his old coach.
Just curious, if McDavid outright said "it's either Woodcroft or me" how many of you would have picked Woodcroft?

The inconsistencies in their statements during the press conference might reveal deeper issues within the Oilers' executive management. This situation suggests a crisis in leadership, characterized by a lack of a coherent plan or agreement among the top brass.
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Ken Holland Under Fire for Lying During Team Press Conference

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