Hall-of-Fame Defenseman Reveals How Grant Fuhr Nearly Cost Him $1 Million

Published September 10, 2023 at 3:33 PM

Legendary NHL defenseman Chris Pronger, known for his stellar career, recently shared a funny story involving his Hall of Fame teammate Grant Fuhr.

This story almost cost Pronger a massive $1 million bonus and was shared on the Missin Curfew podcast with hosts Shane O'Brien and Scottie Upshall.

Pronger's Incredible Career

Before we get into the amusing story, let's recognize Chris Pronger's impressive accomplishments. He's considered one of the best defensemen in NHL history, with multiple gold medals for Team Canada, a Stanley Cup win, Norris and Hart trophies, and numerous all-star selections.

The Close Call

The story revolves around Pronger's chance at a $1 million bonus, based on his +/- rating with the St. Louis Blues. He stressed that a good performance would secure this substantial payout.

The story started with Pronger poking fun at Grant Fuhr's puck-handling skills.

"Arguably one of the worst puck playing goalies of all time, terrible with the puck," began Pronger. "And I go back and I go into the corner and I'm like 'Fuhrsy Fuhrsy!' and then boom! He smokes me in the chest with the puck."

As the game progressed, Fuhr let in a less-than-ideal goal while Pronger was on the ice. Realizing the significance of this moment for the bonus, Pronger encouraged Fuhr.

"We're late in the game in the third period and Fuhrsy let's in a s***ty goal," said Pronger. "I've already prepped everybody, it's a meaningless game other than that bonus and I'm like 'Hey! You know what this means man c'mon."

Fuhr, not pleased with Pronger's persistence, responded humorously.

"Oh! Hey Prongs... is there a bonus on the line? You want me to funnel another one in?" - Grant Fuhr

Fuhr showcased his Hall of Fame-worthy humor and luckily at the end of the day, Pronger got his bonus.

For the full story, you can watch Chris Pronger's podcast appearance here:

As seen on Hockey Feed - Pronger on how Fuhr nearly cost him a million dollars.
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Hall-of-Fame Defenseman Reveals How Grant Fuhr Nearly Cost Him $1 Million

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