Edmonton Oilers Could Part Ways With 100-Point Star In Effort To Find Goaltending

Dawson McKenzie
November 20, 2023  (1:54 PM)

The Edmonton Oilers are navigating a difficult season and now could be parting ways with this 100-point forward in an effort to solidify their goaltending.

Should The Edmonton Oilers Look to Move Nugent-Hopkins For Goaltender?

The Oilers are at a point in the season where they are forced to evaluate how risky they want to be to try and turn their season around. It is clear that they need to find goaltending help if they want to salvage the year, however, how much are they willing to give up to do so?
A video from Spittin Chiclets is going viral online where they consider whether or not Ryan Nugent-Hopkins could be the piece that the Oilers move to try and find the goaltender they need to take them deep in the playoffs.
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Is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins expendable??

Let's hear your best mock trades for RNH⬇️

RNH is one of the Oilers' top scorers beyond McDavid and Draisaitl, scoring 104 points last season. He is currently signed to an 8-year deal worth $41 million, with a cap hit of $5.125 million per season.

Nugent-Hopkins' Contract Could Be The Best Asset The Oilers Have To Move

It's clear the Oilers need to do something to turn the season around, however, they don't have much trade capital to their name, and teams know that they are desperate. Jack Campbell's contract will be extremely difficult to move on its own, so any move they make will have some risk baked in that could hurt the team in the long run.
"To be able to break through like that does a lot for your confidence."

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on the increased offensive production in the last two games.

The Oilers have been successful scoring this season despite RNH only having 3 goals (although he has tallied 10 assists). Moving his extremely valuable contract could be enough to return exactly what the Oilers need.
As seen on Oilers Daily - "Canadian Team plans to sacrifice 100 plus point forward for a goaltender"
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Edmonton Oilers Could Part Ways With 100-Point Star In Effort To Find Goaltending

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