Connor McDavid Supports Pride Nights And Bashes The NHL For Banning Them

Published October 4, 2023 at 5:18 PM

Connor McDavid is one of the NHL's brightest stars. When he speaks about a topic fans, media, and other teams tend to listen. This was the case when McDavid recently commented on Pride Night and other specialty nights like it.

McDavid Supports Pride Night

In a recent interview, Connor McDavid was asked about his opinion on specialty jerseys being banned. In particular, he was asked about Pride Night and his stance on it.

I know in Edmonton, we were one of the first teams to use the Pride Tape, McDavid said. In our dressing room, we strongly feel that hockey is for everybody. That includes the Pride Nights.

McDavid provides a strong statement in support of the LGBTQ+ community with his statement. He shows that he and the Oilers are in support of their fans from that group and others.

Oilers Star Bashes The League Over New Policy


The NHL decided to ban specialty jerseys worn by players after several players on different teams refused to wear the Pride jerseys. Now Connor McDavid commented on the NHL's handling of the situation.

I don't think it had to have been a distraction, It could have been a non-issue while focusing on the good that was coming out of those nights.

McDavid is clearly disappointed in the NHL's decision to do away with pride jerseys along with other specialty jerseys. He doesn't believe they were a distraction and wishes the league would've focused on the positives.

Despite McDavid's displeasure with the discontinuation of specialty jerseys, they are unlikely to come back. Thankfully NHL teams and players that wish to still support these causes can still use stick tape.

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Connor McDavid Supports Pride Nights And Bashes The NHL For Banning Them

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