The Real Reason Blackhawks Remained Silent About Perry Incident Finally Revealed

Published December 2, 2023 at 5:19 PM

Sports fans often forget that their favorite sports teams are not just teams, but they are also businesses. As such, they have strict laws as well as internal policies they must adhere to. That seems to have been the case with the Blackhawks regarding the Corey Perry Incident.

Reason For Blackhawks Silence About Perry Revealed

Former Blackhawks veteran forward Corey Perry has dominated headlines across the NHL in the last couple of weeks. Fans have been concerned about what really happened given that the incident that eventually lead to his contract termination has been shrouded in mystery. However, we now know more details thanks to Perry's own apology as well as further statements made by the team.

According to both Perry and the team, the incident involved alcohol at a team event. Perry has since decided to seek help for mental health and substance abuse problems.

Corey Perry has released a statement in which he apologized for his recent actions and says he's now taking steps to seek treatment for mental health and alcohol struggles.

Perry's apology seems to line up with the official story the Blackhawks have put out.

Leclerc: Blackhawks Handled Perry Contract Termination Properly

NHL reporter Martin Leclerc gave fans of the NHL a healthy dose of reality when he noted that the Blackhawks actually handled this situation quite well. As he points out, these kinds of incidents are highly sensitive and the team could potentially face legal trouble if they are not careful about how much, and which, information they make available to the public.

"Many people blame the Blackhawks for their lack of transparency in this story. The problem is that someone was a victim of Perry's unacceptable behavior. And as an employer, Kyle Davidson has the responsibility to protect the anonymity of this victim, even within his organization.

If similar allegations occurred in a law firm, a factory, or any other workplace, no employer would disclose the existence of an investigation before it is completed, nor the names of the people involved. That would be downright irresponsible."

Furthermore, it is quite possible that multiple parties involved in the incident have since signed non-disclosure agreements, preventing them from further commenting on the situation. This has not been confirmed, but it is a common practice in business.

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The Real Reason Blackhawks Remained Silent About Perry Incident Finally Revealed

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