Connor Bedard during warmups of a Chicago Blackhawks home game.
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Chicago Blackhawks Give Connor Bedard Some Bad News

Published December 30, 2023 at 10:28 PM

Earlier today it was found out that Connor Bedard was given some bad news by the coaches and front office of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Bedard Given Bad News By The Blackhawks

As Blackhawks practice unfolded a fan observing practice noticed that Connor Bedard was not on the ice. The fan saw Blackhawks reporter Ben Pope and asked him where Bedard was. According to Pope he was likely required to take the day off by the coaches and management.

a fan stated:

'No Bedard? Is that a first?'

Pope of Chicago Suntimes responded with:

'Yeah I'm shocked he's not out there. They might have told him he has to rest.'

Anyone that has followed Connor Bedard's hockey career, will know this is terrible news to him. He has always been known for wanting to be on the ice as much as possible but it seems the Blackhawks are protecting him from himself.

Blackhawks Coach Praises Bedard For Excellent Work Ethic

Despite having to be told to take a day off the Blackhawks are very appreciative of Connor Bedard's work ethic at his craft. A recent story from head coach Luke Richardson shows just how hard Bedard does in fact work.

According to Luke Richardson, he was caught off guard at the hotel gym when his 18-year-old rookie strolled in for some morning stretching. But that's the kind of athlete Bedard has proven to be.

"I think he's that guy. He's eager," Richardson said Sunday. "I'm in the gym at 6:30 this morning and he rolls in not too long after me and he's in there stretching in his bare feet preparing his routine before the game."

Beyond his off-ice routines, Bedard is often seen on the ice well after practice has ended on the ice as well.

While this work ethic from Connor Bedard is admirable and how he got to being one of the best young players in the NHL it could be a detriment.

Bedard is going to be relied on for a long time in Chicago meaning he needs to stay healthy and manage his workload when he has the opportunity to.

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Chicago Blackhawks Give Connor Bedard Some Bad News

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