Breaking: Jonathan Toews Releases Official Statement on his Future

Published August 17, 2023 at 1:32 PM

At last, Jonathan Toews released an official statement concerning his future.

Toews Says Goodbye...for now


The Hawks' captain wrote a letter to his fans, where he opens up about his journey in Chicago and his future.

It's hard to find words to describe the 16-year journey that has made this city my home.

Aside from the 3 Stanley Cups, the parades, and the countless memories made with my teammates, what is still most special to me was feeling a true connection to the people of this city.

To Blackhawks fans, it was surreal to witness and be a part of the revival of hockey in Chicago.

There was nothing like the roar of the Madhouse when we scored a big goal to tie it or win it late in a game. As players, we tried to reciprocate that heart and soul energy we felt from you. I honestly believe it's what made us so tough to beat in the later games of a playoff series. You are the best fans in the world, and I'm so thankful we shared so many special moments together.

To the Blackhawks Organization, the late Rocky, Danny and the Wirtz family, all of my coaches, GM's, athletic and equipment trainers, strength coaches, scouting staff and all those that put it all together. It is not lost on me that all the work you do behind the scenes leads to all of our success on the ice. You showed up every day to help all of us achieve our dreams and for that I am forever grateful
To my Blackhawks teammates, I consider you all lifelong friends and brothers. We share a bond that's hard to break. Whether you reach the mountain top or not, we can all agree it's grinding through the tough moments together that we'll really miss.

To all of you I say, THANK YOU. You made my time here in Chicago unforgettable.


Jay Zawaski, via Twitter, shared that Toews is thinking about taking next season off to come back in 2024-25!

"#Blackhawks legend Jonathan Toews just posted this note on his Instagram account. I'm told this is NOT a retirement statement. My understanding is that he will skip the 2023-24 season and wants to play in 2024-25. Statement from Toews expected soon."



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Breaking: Jonathan Toews Releases Official Statement on his Future

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