Rasmus Dahlin Disrespected In Atrocious Redraft

Published September 1, 2023 at 11:13

CBS Sports recently put out their 2018 redraft and absolutely disrespected Rasmus Dahlin.

CBS' Redraft

CBS Sports put out their 2018 redraft and it has left many confused with some placements. They started out by placing Andrei Svechnikov 1st overall ahead of players like Rasmus Dahlin and Brady Tkachuk.

Then at two, they had Brady Tkachuk going to the Hurricanes citing the Hurricanes' need for offense as why they would have selected Tkachuk at two.

Then at three to the Canadiens, they put Quinn Hughes as the 3rd best player in the class. Finally, at four, they have Rasmus Dahlin going to the Ottawa Senators.

Disrespect To Dahlin


Suggesting that Rasmus Dahlin goes anywhere except 1st overall is ludicrous. Last season, he posted 73 points in 78 games which is phenomenal for a defenseman. While Quinn Hughes performed just a tad better with 76, he is not nearly as defensively dominant as Dahlin is. Dahlin also finished 8th in Norris voting last season which was ahead of Quinn Hughes and likely will finish even higher next year.

Last season, Andrei Svechnikov played 64 games and registered 55 points, a pace that would have seen him score 67 points in 78 games. While points are not everything, watching Dahlin be more productive than the redrafted 1st overall pick is mind-boggling.

The only true competitor to Dahlin is Brady Tkachuk who scored 83 points last season and is the Senators' captain. While not as dynamic as Dahlin is, he is one of the most physical players in the NHL and really brings an old-school style of hockey to the Senators which any team would like.

Dahlin will now look ahead at helping the Sabres to playoffs and potentially even winning some hardware along the way.

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Rasmus Dahlin Disrespected In Atrocious Redraft

Who goes 2nd in a 2018 redraft?

Rasmus Dahlin00 %
Andrei Svechnikov00 %
Brady Tkachuk00 %
Quinn Hughes00 %
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