We Already Know Who Has The Best Chance Of Bringing Jonathan Toews Back To Hockey

Published August 24, 2023 at 9:53

Jonathan Toews has decided to take a hiatus from hockey for a year. Speculations regarding his potential destination upon his return have already started circulating within the hockey community.

Assessing Toews' Current Situation

Approximately one week ago, Jonathan Toews bid farewell to his long-standing association with the Chicago Blackhawks, indicating that his chapter with the team has drawn to a close. This announcement was shared via his official statement on social media.

Throughout his impressive career spanning 1,067 games, Toews remained devoted to the Blackhawks, securing numerous team-level achievements and accolades. However, his decision to temporarily step away from the game stems from the need to recuperate from the lingering effects of COVID-19. While he takes this well-deserved break, attention is now shifting to his potential future destination.

Toews' Connection with Boston


There have been reports suggesting that Jonathan Toews is considering the possibility of joining the Boston Bruins as part of his comeback plan. It's important to highlight that Toews' contemplation of a move to Boston occurred during a period when Patrice Bergeron was still an integral part of the Bruins' roster. Interestingly, the landscape has evolved over the course of a little over a year, and Bergeron's role could potentially be succeeded by Toews upon his return.

Pagnotta also noted the potential fit between the Bruins and NHL veteran Jonathan Toews. Even though Toews had primarily been working on getting healthy and recovering from the effects of Long Covid, the Bruins were on Toews' radar dating back to last year as a potential destination.

The intrigue surrounding Toews' decision to consider Boston as his potential new team adds an extra layer of excitement to his journey back to professional hockey.

As seen on Blade of Steel -Toews has his eye on one team when he returns to the NHL
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We Already Know Who Has The Best Chance Of Bringing Jonathan Toews Back To Hockey

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