Owner Pledges to Bring the Coyotes to an Underdog City

Published May 17, 2023 at 12:12

Speculation Over Coyotes NHL Team Relocation

In the face of growing anticipation, the Coyotes' relocation seems increasingly inevitable. This shift has sparked interest among several potential owners, keen on acquiring an NHL team. As each day passes, the prospect of relocation appears more likely for the Coyotes.

Prospective Cities for Coyotes' New Home

Houston and Atlanta have emerged as the leading contenders for the Coyotes' relocation. However, these two are not alone.

Owner's Enthusiasm Displayed on Social Media

A wide range of cities have expressed an interest in welcoming the Coyotes franchise as their own, one of them being Salt Lake City.

Is Salt Lake City a Feasible Option?

While it might be an underdog, Salt Lake City presents a compelling case. The city is already home to the Utah Jazz, an NBA basketball team, and many NBA arenas can be renovated to accommodate hockey rinks.

Nonetheless, Salt Lake City's potential inclusion in the NHL could enhance its partnership with southern sports. However, it also introduces a logistical challenge. The new team would need to share the arena, a task that has proven to be exceptionally challenging for existing arena partnerships between NBA and NHL teams.

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Owner Pledges to Bring the Coyotes to an Underdog City

Would it be worth relocating the Coyotes to Salt Lake City despite having to share the arena?

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