Bruce Cassidy Slams the Coyotes During Post-Game Comments

Published May 28, 2023 at 1:06 PM

Golden Knights' Struggles

In an unexpected twist, the Golden Knights are facing the pressure of a comeback by the Dallas Stars, who are eager to force the tenure of a seventh game. This is déjà vu for the Knights, who, for the second game in a row, have missed the opportunity to seal their victory. Having secured the first three games, the Knights' performance hasn't been good enough to beat the resilient Stars.

Bruce Cassidy made some comments after the game that show his dissatisfaction with the way his team played.

Bruce Cassidy Slams the Coyotes During Post-Game Comments

The last two games have been far from the performances the Golden Knights are known for, especially considering they're competing for a place in the Finals. With their defense leaving much to be desired, it was Adin Hill who stood as a wall against the Stars, minimizing the damage.

Cassidy, visibly perturbed, drew parallels between his team's recent efforts and the Arizona Coyotes' less-than-stellar performance in the previous season during his post-match remarks.

And he didn't mince his words.

"We're guilty of 24 giveaways. I'm not even sure we could take down the Arizona Coyotes in January with such sloppy play."

"It's nothing against Arizona, but that's simply not the way we should be playing." - Bruce Cassidy

Such brutal honesty is what the Knights need right now. If this doesn't serve as a wake-up call, then what will?

In the meantime, the next face-off is set for Monday night. The Knights will certainly need to tighten their game and maybe not give so many giveaways.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Bruce Cassidy takes a shot at the Arizona Coyotes During Post-Game Remarks
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Bruce Cassidy Slams the Coyotes During Post-Game Comments

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