Worrying Reports Suggests Growing Tensions Between Ducks and Young Stars

Published September 17, 2023 at 3:19 PM

Reports of Tensions Between Ducks and Their Young Stars

Recent speculations from the 32 Thoughts Podcast, featuring Elliotte Friedman, highlight potential tensions between the Ducks and their young prodigies, Trevor Zegras and Jamie Drysdale, both of whom are restricted free agents. It is rumored that the Ducks may be considering offering them lower annual salaries, potentially with long-term contracts in view.


Amidst an ongoing rebuilding phase, the Ducks can't afford to have tensions with key players like Zegras and Drysdale who are undoubtedly central to their future plans.

Zegras and Drysdale: Pillars of the Ducks' Future

Zegras has rapidly emerged as a beacon of hope for the Ducks. His consistent performance, even on a team that struggles offensively, stands testament to his great talent.


Similarly, Drysdale, with 113 NHL games under his belt at just 21, proves he's ready for the big league. It is essential for the Ducks' management to find peaceful solutions, possibly even considering bridge contracts, to ensure the duo remains happy and the team's rebuilding phase goes smoothly.

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Worrying Reports Suggests Growing Tensions Between Ducks and Young Stars

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