Wayne Gretzky Embarrassed At Hockey Hall Of Fame

Published November 17, 2023 at 12h29

Wayne Gretzky, a name synonymous with hockey greatness, holding an unrivaled scoring record of 2,857 points, shared an amusing anecdote on TNT, where he now works as an analyst.

Wayne Gretzky Had His Hockey Skills Corrected By A Child

At 62 years old, Gretzky, known for his exceptional on-ice skills and hockey insights, recounted a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame with his son. During this visit, they engaged in a virtual hockey game, an experience chosen by his son. To the surprise of many, Gretzky found himself struggling in the game, losing three times. This led to a light-hearted moment where the employee operating the game offered Gretzky advice on how to hold his hockey stick.

Some kid at the Hockey Hall of Fame told Wayne Gretzky how to hold a hockey stick 😭

The Great One Was Humble, But Embarrassed

This incident highlights Gretzky's humble approach to his fame, as he often dresses in a way that makes him less recognizable in public. This tendency to go "incognito" might explain why the young employee at the Hall of Fame didn't recognize him immediately. The story, shared by Gretzky on TNT, not only brings a human touch to the hockey legend's image but also shows his ability to laugh at himself, adding to his charm and relatability despite his legendary status in the sport.

And then there's @WayneGretzky 122 goals, best ever; 260 assists, 380 points and he only played 208 playoff games 👀

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Wayne Gretzky Embarrassed At Hockey Hall Of Fame

Will Gretzky's scoring record ever be broken?

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