WHL referee Alexandra Clarke
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WHL Referee Set to Make History as First Female Official in NHL Event

Published January 31, 2024 at 8:05 PM
Officiating is consistently one of the most polarizing aspects of any sport. The NHL is hardly unique in this, having had its fair share of heated disagreements between fans over bad calls. However, as some lose renown and respect from angry fans, a new one emerges to make history.

WHL Referee Alexandra Clarke to Become First Female Official in an NHL Event

Alexandra Clarke, the first female referee and linesperson for the WHL, has been invited to the upcoming NHL All-Star event. She is set to serve as a linesperson for the PWHL 3-on-3 Showcase as part of All-Star weekend.

"Alexandra Clarke, the first female WHL linesperson and referee, is heading to Toronto to work the lines for the PWHL 3-on-3 Showcase as part of #NHLAllStar festivities!"

Clarke Becoming a Trailblazer for Women in Hockey

Clarke is a good example of the NHL trying to be more inclusive. Now, aside from bolstering her already impressive career, she is paving the way for other women in hockey.

«Between being the first female in the Western League, one of the first females in the American League, and getting to go to the Olympics, I honestly have had such a great career that I can't even pick a highlight at this point. To be able to be one of the first in many different leagues as a linesperson, as a refereeHopefully, we're setting everybody else up for success, all the other females up for success going forward. I feel grateful that I was able to be a part of that process.»

Be sure to see Clarke in the PWHL event during this weekend's NHL All-Star activities.

As seen on WHL Official Alexandra Clarke adds to impressive resume with NHL All-Star Weekend invite
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WHL Referee Set to Make History as First Female Official in NHL Event

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