Two Heavy-Weight NHL Enforcers Give Fans A Show With Insane Fight

Published November 20, 2023 at 10:27 PM
The Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers are not teams one might expect to get nasty with each other when they play. They do not play in the same conference, nor do they have a history together. Tonight none of that mattered as Panthers forward Jonah Gadjovich and Oilers defenseman Vincent Desharnais got into a scrap for the ages.

Gadjovich And Desharnais Put On A Show With Long-Lasting Fight

The two heavy-weights dropped the gloves early in the second period for seemingly no reason. Fans in attendance did not complain though as the they engaged in one of the best fights of the season.

The fight only seemed to end because each player ran out of gas. Neither was able to establish themselves as a clear victor before the linemen stepped in. That being said, everyone who loves hockey fights came out of this one as a winner.

Oilers Fall Further Out Of A Playoff Spot

The Panthers seem to have stablished themselves as a steady playoff contender as this victory makes them 12-5-1. The Oilers however have a nearly opposite record of 5-11-1. They are now 13 points back of the 3rd spot in the Pacific Division while the Kings, currently in 3rd, hold a two-goal lead over Arizona.

Frustration is mounting for the Oilers. Many picked them to win not just the pacific division, but several analysts even picked them to win the whole thing this year.

The team has already fired head coach Jay Woodcroft but so far the team is just 2-2 since the coaching change. One of those wins was a very lucky OT victory where the team probably deserved a worse fate. The question remains whether or not this team is good enough to challenge for a playoff spot. At this point anything beyond that seems out of reach.
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Two Heavy-Weight NHL Enforcers Give Fans A Show With Insane Fight

Will the Oilers make the playoffs this year?

Yes, comfortably176.6 %
Yes, barely9235.5 %
No, barely7529 %
Not even close7529 %

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