Hockey player Daniel Amesbury after an altercation during a FPHL game.
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Top Player Banned From His League After Major Altercation

Published January 16, 2024 at 11:00
In the minor leagues, the era of enforcers is still going very strong. In the FPHL plays one of the last remaining old-school enforcer, Daniel Amesbury.

Renowned Enforcer Gets Banned from League

Amesbury has gained notoriety for his aggressive style of play on the ice, which led to many suspensions over the years. In 2023, he was suspended for a whopping 30 games, from January to December.

Currently still suspended, his League decided to take action against him. The player is now indefinitely banned from playing in the FPHL.

"Effective immediately, the FPHL has decided to place Daniel Amesbury on an Indefinite Suspension from the league. He will no longer be allowed to participate in any practices or on ice functions at any capacity with any team in the FPHL. This decision has come after much discussion over the past few weeks with members of our league Board of Governors, attorney's, & FPHL Staff. The leagues dedication to improving player safety comes first and foremost. The FPHL has the right to deny any personnel from participating in FPHL games if its deemed in the best interest of the league."

A Fine Line Between Useless Violence and Physicality

It's not always easy to make the difference between sheer violence and competitiveness in hockey, Being a physical game, many players often have trouble finding the line.

In order to make Leagues' position against violcence clear, taking drastic steps such as banning an enforcer can be necessary. With the game getting centered on skills, the number of enforcers is decreasing a lot, which is only making the game better.

Do you think fights will ever be banned in the NHL?

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Top Player Banned From His League After Major Altercation

Do you think fights will ever be banned in the NHL?

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