The Real Reason Adam Larsson Left The Oilers Has Been Revealed

Published November 18, 2023 at 5:29 PM
The Edmonton Oilers lost out on top defenseman Adam Larsson during the 2021 offseason. Much speculation has been built as to why he left such a good situation. Recently a definitive reason was finally confirmed.

Larsson Signs With Division Rival

Adam Larsson was originally acquired by the Edmonton Oilers in the infamous Taylor Hall one-for-one trade with the New Jersey Devils in 2016.

Trade is one for one: Adam Larsson for Taylor Hall.

After a 5 year stint with the Oilers where he would go on to be named a captain of the team, Larsson decided to walk away. Larsson would go on to sign a long-term deal with the Pacific Division rival Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken signed defender Adam Larsson to a four-year, $4M AAV contract. #SeaKraken

2021/22 - $2.5M + full NTC
2022/23 - $3.5M + full NTC
2023/24 - $5.5M + 10-team NTC
2024/25 - $4.5M + 10-team NTC

Since signing this contract many have wondered why he left Edmonton where things seemed to be going well. We now finally seem to have our answer.

The Reason Larsson Left Edmonton Revealed

After years it has now been confirmed that Adam Larsson left due to a family tragedy issue. Reports indicate Larsson's dad passed away on a trip from Sweden to Edmonton and that Edmonton was a reminder of this to Larsson.

He wouldn't sign with Oilers as UFA. Offered five year contract. You know the story: Adam's dad died here on trip from Sweden and it was family issue not to resign in Edm. The GM didn't have anything to do with Adam leaving

Such a sad event led to the end of a fan favorite being able to play in a place he once considered home. Now Larsson continues to play for the Kraken and is one of their top defensemen.

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The Real Reason Adam Larsson Left The Oilers Has Been Revealed

Will Adam Larsson re-sign in Seattle?

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