Dillon Dube of the Calgary Flames
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Shocking Revelation: Flames Fans Blast Team for Hiding Dillon Dube Controversy

Published January 30, 2024 at 7:13 PM
Today, Dillon Dube was officially named as one of the five players needing to surrender to the London Police, and it brought up a tough situation for the Calgary Flames.

Did the Flames cover up the Dube situation?

A few days back, Dube was the first of these players to take leave from their team, with few people suspecting it was involved with this until the rest of the players also took leave.


Unfortunately for the Flames, their reasoning behind giving Dube a leave of absence was mental health related, and now fans of all teams have absolutely blasted them.

"I know it's been brought up a bunch but now that it's confirmed that Dube was one of the 5 it can't be overstated how shitty it was of the Flames to frame his absence as 'mental health related.' Unbelievably scummy. How hard was it to say 'he's away for personal reasons?'"

"Reminder that the @NHLFlames organization BLATANTLY LIED and said Dillon Dube was on leave for «mental health reasons». Disgusting. There have been fines for far less."

Given their fantastic handling of the Oliver Kylington situation, it's tough for Flames fans to see them use mental health as an excuse, and whether or not they had any intel surrounding the Dube situation becomes irrelevant, as they simply could have not given a reason like all the other teams did.

The Flames have not yet given a reason behind the move, so it will be interesting to see how they handle it, but it appears to be very disappointing from their side at this point.

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Shocking Revelation: Flames Fans Blast Team for Hiding Dillon Dube Controversy

Will Dube ever play in the NHL again?

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