Patrick Roy, new Head Coach of the New York Islanders, has a close conversation with Islanders Captain Anders Lee during a game on the bench.
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See the Shocking Changes that Transformed the Isles In Just 5 days under Patrick Roy

Published January 25, 2024 at 11:23
Since Patrick Roy has taken over as head coach of the Islanders, he has made some drastic changes in order to change the team.

Roy Makes Drastic Changes to Islanders Team that Are Immediately Felt

The New York Islanders underwent some pretty big organizational changes, and Patrick Roy took over as head coach of the club just a few days ago. His changes, though, are already being felt by the team and its fans.

One of the major changes to the game has been line management. Roy has taken a clear ability to match his offensive defensemen up with his top six forwards, something that wasn't happening previously. This has accentuated the Islanders' offensive defensemen. Roy also has cleaned up the Islanders' line changes after penalty-killing situations, allowing the team to easily flow into an opportunity after being down.

Roy Has Been More Transparent With Media and Fans About Lineups

Other than the x's and o's that Roy brings to the team, he has also been an improvement for fans and the media. He has made the process of announcing lineups and player availability much more transparent than Lambert. Roy has made this information available to the media the day of the game with details on why decisions were made.

Patrick Roy says Mike Reilly in tonight for Samuel Bolduc because he didn't want Reilly sitting for too long. There will probably be a rotation. Roy said plan is for Bolduc to play in Montreal.

The Islanders sit in the middle of the Metro Division and will look for Roy to invigorate them into a serious contender.

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See the Shocking Changes that Transformed the Isles In Just 5 days under Patrick Roy

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