Nazem Kadri Drops A 20-Year-Old In Old Fashioned Fight

Published October 20, 2023 at 7:41 PM
Nazem Kadri is a player that has a bit of an odd reputation. He's known for getting suspended in the playoffs repeatedly and generally being a pest. He does not fight very often but tonight he showed he still can, and will, drop the gloves.

Kadri v Sillinger

Kadri became upset with the 20-year-old Blue Jacket after a seemingly nothing play. Kadri laid a relatively mild hit on him and Sillinger responded by shoving the Flames veteran. It didn't seem like a particularly violent shove or a particularly violent interaction in general, but Kadri seemed to take exception as he challenged the youngster to a fight.

Someone on the Blue Jackets may want to give Sillinger a couple of lessons on fighting as he looked rather ridiculous swinging his arms around without landing any real punches.
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Nazem Kadri Drops A 20-Year-Old In Old Fashioned Fight

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