NHL Owner Gets Threatening Message from Gary Bettman

Published November 17, 2023 at 3:06 PM
Michael Andlauer hasn't been an NHL owner for long, but he's faced a lot in his short time. He recently let it be known that he wasn't overly happy about it, saying the league should have let him know about the issues the Ottawa Senators were facing before the sale was completed. The NHL's Commissioner has responded, and his message has an almost eerie tone.

NHL's Newest Owner gets a Threat-like Response from Bettman

After officially buying the Senators in September, Andlauer's purchase was hit with a 41 games suspension to Shane Pinto, one of the team's top youngsters, and also lost a first round draft pick for the botched trade of Evgenii Dadonov. In a news conference, Andlauer stated someone should have let him know what was happening beforehand, and he had no idea why he was getting stuck with this. Bettman was asked about that during the Global Series happening in Sweden this week, and his answer sounded like something out of the Godfather.


"I'm more than conformable with what we did, and maybe on reflection, Michael will be, if he's not already, more comfortable with the way things were handled."

Yeah, thanks there Don Corleone.

Gary Bettman's Response to NHL Owner's Concerns Sounds Threatening

Bettman added he was is no way interested in getting into a public debate with Andlauer, saying it wouldn't benefit anyone involved. You'd think just shy of $1 billion for an NHL team would get you some better customer service. Apparently not.

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NHL Owner Gets Threatening Message from Gary Bettman

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