Brenden Dillon was in the middle of a controversial rivalry this past week.
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Journalist Accuses Winnipeg Jets Defenseman Brenden Dillon Of Trying To Intentionally Injure Kirill Kaprizov

Published January 4, 2024 at 5:18 PM
Over the past few days, there's been plenty of conversation around the Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota Wild, but now, one journalist has framed the chatter in a very interesting way.

Jets covering up Brenden Dillon's dirty play?


While most of the talk has surrounded Ryan Hartman and him admitting to Cole Perfetti that he had to inflict damage on him to payback a recent action, Michael Russo has instead questioned the Jets intentions.

Have to hand it to the Jets for airing Hartman's alleged admission publicly. Distracted everyone from fact that for the 2nd year in a row they targeted Kaprizov and knocked him out of #mnwild lineup indefinitely. Only difference between Hartman and Jets? He allegedly admitted it.

Given that this was the second season in a row the Jets took Kaprizov out indefinitely, it's something that has been largely ignored in the overall conversation, and it's hard to deny that this is an ongoing theme that needs to be addressed in this rivalry.

Jets and Wild rivalry continues to heat up

Russo would go on to clarify that he isn't condoning the move from Hartman, but instead calling for people to look at why the Jets have done this, especially given their actions directly effected a major superstar in the NHL.

I'm not condoning Hartman dangerously lifting stick into an innocent kid's teeth. But there's a reason why the Jets publicly aired this and we've all fallen for it, especially the professional Twitter virtue signalers. It's #mnwild fans who are now spending $$ to not see Kaprizov

This rivalry is one that is only continuing to grow, especially when Hartman's actions on Nik Ehlers from a season ago comes to mind, but whatever side of the argument you sit on, it's hard to deny that this will be must-watch when the two teams meet again.
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Journalist Accuses Winnipeg Jets Defenseman Brenden Dillon Of Trying To Intentionally Injure Kirill Kaprizov

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