Former NHLer Suspended For A Dangerous Hit On Opponent

Published October 1, 2023 at 12:20
A former NHLer has been suspended for a sizable portion of his season after laying a dangerous hit on an opponent.

Lindholm Suspended Five Games For Dangerous Hit

It was a scary scene in the SHL when former NHLer Anton Lindholm laid a nasty hit on Henrik Bjorklund that resulted in Bjorklund being knocked out with a concussion.

The SHL determined that this was worthy of a 5-game suspension and over a $7,000 USD fine given the severity of the injury. It is worth noting that an SHL season is only 52 games so this is close to an 8-game suspension in the NHL.

"The hit involves a great risk of injury and is disrespectful."

"The tackled player cannot in any significant way be considered to have contributed to the tackle hitting the head."

Lindholm had a short NHL career playing in only 66 games, all for the Colorado Avalanche. The 28-year-old defenseman was drafted in the 5th round of the 2014 draft by the Avalanche but was never able to impress enough for an extended NHL stint.

Hockey is doing its best to phase out hits like this and is preventing as many of them as possible by enforcing strict penalties. While it is unlikely that we see these hits completely out of hockey, seeing a decline is certainly encouraging.

As seen on Blade of Steel - Lengthy Suspension for Former NHLer Following Brutal Hit
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Former NHLer Suspended For A Dangerous Hit On Opponent

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