Former NHL Referee Leaks DMs Criticizing Divisive Oilers Reporter

Published November 21, 2023 at 12h49
This former NHL Referee just took to social media to leak his DMs after he called out an Oilers Reporter leading to choice words between the two.

Tim Peel Calls Out Mark Spector For Question About Oilers Loss

After the Oilers dropped another game this weekend, Mark Spector asked Connor McDavid a poor question about the state of the Oilers' play. He essentially asked McDavid whether or not he would have liked to win the game 4-1. Clearly a bit frustrated by Spector's continuous use of similar questions, McDavid went on to answer the question, as a good leader does.

Another game, another night of the same questions for the Oilers.

What do the Oilers need to do to get out of this rut?

Obviously, it's not the most well-thought-out question. Former NHL referee Tim Peel didn't think so either, and took it on his shoulders to call out Spector in his DMs. I guess that didn't go as he'd hoped, as Spector pushed back, and Peel then leaked his DMs to social media.

This is what happens when you call out an Edmonton reporter for asking Connor McDavid if he'd rather win 4-1. An idiotic question, of course they would. This is why some players don't want to play in Canada. Connor played his ass off tonight

Peel and Spector Engaging in High School Drama Online As Oilers Drop Another Game

The conflict has sparked engagement online as some NHL reporters have rushed to Spector's defence, saying that Peel shouldn't have leaked the convo. The whole thing is silly drama.

Hey Tim, nice work tweeting private convos. Ah, that's right, you couldn't spell class if I spotted you the a-s-s.

Paid any visits to berate teenagers in referee locker rooms recently? Remember that?

Or did you drunk tweet it and delete like usual?

Yes, the question was probably poorly thought out and has been asked before, but the Oilers are in a position to be criticized with everything going on this year. Also, yes, the line of questioning can be called out, but Peel doesn't need to leak his DMs when his critique didn't go as he'd expected.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Former NHL referee Tim Peel absolutely embarrasses divisive Oilers reporter Mark Spector"
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Former NHL Referee Leaks DMs Criticizing Divisive Oilers Reporter

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