FIGHT: Jamie Benn Drops The Gloves With Pat Maroon!

Published October 8, 2023 at 9:07
Jamie Benn dropped the gloves last night after getting scored on and proceeded to get beat by Pat Maroon.

Benn's Terrible Fight Versus Maroon

Jamie Benn and the Dallas Stars were losing 3-0 up until young Wild prospect Marco Rossi netted a nasty goal making it 4-0. After Benn saw this, he decided to give his team a bit of energy by dropping the gloves with fellow heavyweight Pat Maroon.

Too much happening, Rossi pots one home, and Maroon takes on Benn. #mnwild

Pat Marroon vs. Jamie Benn

While there was no knockout, it seems like Maroon had the clear upper hand during the fight. This fight was a product of the Stars' growing rivalry with the Wild where things have been getting more chippy over the years.

After the fight, somebody threw popcorn on Jamie Benn in the box and he got into a verbal altercation with the fan.

A fan just threw popcorn at Jamie Benn in the penalty box and now he's screaming at the fans. This is turning ugly

Unfortunately, there was no video of this but it is clear that the next time these two teams faceoff, there will certainly be playoff-style hockey.

As seen on Hockey Feed - Maroon and Benn drop the gloves on Saturday night!
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FIGHT: Jamie Benn Drops The Gloves With Pat Maroon!

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