Expert Proposes Massive Trade Involving Oilers Goalie

Published October 3, 2023 at 2:24 PM
The Edmonton Oilers have been proactive in the trade market lately. Less than a year ago, they brought in Mattias Ekholm from the Nashville Predators. Now, there's talk about leveraging their goalie assets to make another significant acquisition.

Holland Has Big Trade Plans

Ken Holland approaches the final stretch of his NHL contract as the Edmonton Oilers' General Manager and the coveted Stanley Cup continues to elude the team during his term.

The expectations for the Oilers' success have never been higher. It was widely believed that Steve Staios was set to take over Holland's role, but he recently left the organization.

Steve Staios was viewed as the heir apparent to Ken Holland as Oilers GM as recently as 3 months ago.

I truly believe Jeff Jackson can (and will) identify and hire someone better to take over the general manager seat between now and July 1.

This is no big loss. Onward & upward.

Now, Holland could make a move to solidify his position and get the team where it needs to be.

Blockbuster Trade Rumours Involving Oilers Goalie


A trusted source from The Athletic suggests that goalie Stuart Skinner may be at the heart of a huge trade negotiation as the NHL trade deadline approaches.

An upgrade in the goaltending department is on the Oilers' wishlist, and the name that keeps surfacing is Connor Hellebuyck, who's been up for trade discussions for some time. Given the Oilers' aspirations and the need for experienced goaltender , Hellebuyck seems a great choice.

To clinch a deal for Hellebuyck, the Oilers might have to offer Jack Campbell or the promising Stuart Skinner as part of the deal. Additional assets like Dylan Holloway, Philip Broberg, and Raphael Lavoie might also be in the mix to make the proposition enticing for the Jets.

Do you think the Oilers will push for Hellebuyck?

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Expert Proposes Massive Trade Involving Oilers Goalie

Do you think the Oilers will push for Hellebuyck?

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