Ex-Leaf exposes the Toronto Maple Leafs team culture

Published July 27, 2023 at 10:14

What's Holding the Leafs Back?


In the past few seasons, the Leafs' playoff performance has disappointed. Despite finally making it past the first round last season, their journey ended abruptly, loosing to the Florida Panthers in just five games.

It seems as if there's always an unseen force working against them...

A recent podcast interview featuring a former Leafs player has shed light on a significant issue within the organization.

A Huge Culture Issue

Trevor Moore, who played in Toronto between 2018 and 2020, shared an awkward anecdote from their 2019 playoff face-off against Boston.

Here's what he revealed on Twitter:

"Trevor Moore was on the Empty Netters podcast.

They recalled his big hit on Chara in the playoffs for the Leafs.

Trevor Moore said he went back to the bench, and no one said a word to him.

Keefe has made a point of liking guys like Wayne and Reaves who are vocal on the bench."

This lack of acknowledgement from his teammates exposes the deep-rooted culture issue affecting the team's performance. When a player doesn't feel supported, it can negatively impact their morale and, subsequently, their game. Would Moore have been as eager to go back out and challenge Chara, one of the NHL's most intimidating players, without the validation of his teammates?

However, there is hope on the horizon. Players like Reaves, Bertuzzi, and Domi are known for their high energy and vocal presence. Let's hope they can shake up the Leafs' bench and turn the tide in the right direction.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Former Maple Leaf exposes the team culture
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