Dubois Takes One Final Shot at the Jets in New Interview

Published July 11, 2023 at 9:58 PM
A recent interview with Pierre-Luc Dubois shows how he is happy to be in LA but also has some slight disses to the Winnipeg Jets.

Dubois Fires Shots At Jets

It is well known that Pierre-Luc Dubois wanted out of Winnipeg for a while. His agent said he wanted to play in Montreal and Dubois only signed a one-year contract to say he did not want to sign long-term with the Jets.

In a recent interview, he claimed he wanted to let his real personality shine through in LA.

"Honestly, I think it's just an opportunity for me to be who I am... Now, it'll be a fun opportunity for me to just be who I am. Not show anybody, not prove to anybody, but just fully be me." - Dubois

This is taking a shot at the Jets as it shows how he feels that they did not let him be the person he wanted to be.

While this seems like a subtle shot, it is one nonetheless. However, Dubois clearly wanted to make sure fans did not get that idea later on in the interview when he said this.

"I had three unbelievable years in Columbus, three great years in Winnipeg, where with both of those organizations I learned a lot and met some unbelievable people."

Dubois Looks For A New Start

Dubois will be looking for a fresh start with the LA Kings next season. He is coming off of a career-high 63 points in 73 games but this is not up to his standards and he feels he can prove to be much more.


Playing alongside other elite talents such as Anze Kopitar, Kevin Fiala, and Drew Doughty, Dubois has an opportunity to solidify himself as the bona fide superstar he can be.

As seen on theScore.com - Dubois: Trade to Kings presents chance to 'fully be me'
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