Don Cherry Defends McDavid but Criticizes Oilers For Timing of Woodcroft Firing

Published November 20, 2023 at 7:58 PM
Don Cherry is one of the most well-known hockey analysts out there. He's never been afraid to speak his mind and now he's shared his thoughts about the Oilers firing head coach Jay Woodcroft after a win last week.

Cherry Confused By Woodcroft Firing, Criticizes Oilers For Timing

Like many in the hockey world, Don Cherry was confused when the Oilers fired Jay Woodcroft after a win in Seattle last week. However, he also added that Woodcroft likely won't mind being fired too much, since he's still getting a comfortable salary from the team.

"Jay Woodcroft got fired after he won a game. That's what gets me, after they win a game... They get paid pretty good dough now."

Even Oilers Captain Connor McDavid seemed to be a bit disappointed when the team fired Woodcroft. According to him, the coach never lost the room and still had all of his players committed to playing their game.

Don Cherry Defends McDavid, Says He Does Not Run The Team

Given all the moves the Oilers have made this year, some fans began to wonder if the team has been making moves specifically to appease Connor McDavid. They brought in his juniors teammate Connor Brown and now they've brought in his juniors coach Kris Knoblauch as Jay Woodcroft's replacement.

Cherry made sure to dispel this myth. While the team may be making moves to make their superstar center a little more comfortable, he does not, in fact, run the team.

"That's the one thing he doesn't wanna do, is get the reputation that he's running the club... he's got enough going on."

The Oilers have started to turn things around but they still have a lot of work to do to get back in the playoff race. They are currently 7th in the pacific division with a 5-10-1 record.

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Don Cherry Defends McDavid but Criticizes Oilers For Timing of Woodcroft Firing

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