Connor Bedard Steps Up For Teammate After Questionable Hit

Published November 17, 2023 at 11h40
Connor Bedard showed a new side of his game last night, stepping up for his teammate after a questionable hit from behind.

Bedard Steps Up For Teammate Which Leads to Scrum After Questionable Hit

Connor Bedard has already shown Blackhawks fans just how skilled he is and that his skill is transferable to the NHL level. With all the hype around him leading up to the season, it's safe to say he has lived up to all expectations. Now, it looks like he has even more to give Blackhawks fans.

In last night's game against the Lightning, Bedard was the first to step up for teammate Philipp Kurashev, who received a questionable hit from behind from Mikhail Sergachev.

Connor Bedard comes to the defense of Philipp Kurashev, who is boarded by Mikhail Sergachev. #Blackhawks

No one expects Bedard to be the guy who steps in for a teammate, however, in doing so he shows just how committed he is to his teammates and his position as a young leader on the team.

Bedard Having a Successful Year By All Metrics and Has Earned The Highest Praise

Bedard has shown that he is capable of being a star at the NHL level, scoring 9 goals and 4 assists in 14 games played. His highlight reel goals have shown his skills will make him successful at the NHL level. He has broken records already in his young career. He has also received praise from the greatest player of all time, Wayne Gretzky.

The speed, the shot by Connor Bedard 😮‍💨

Wayne Gretzky on Connor Bedard: «He might even be better than we thought.» 😳🤯 #Blackhawks

Bedard will look to lead the Blackhawks through their rebuild, which will take several years. However, it appears that Chicago has chosen the right guy to do the job.
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Connor Bedard Steps Up For Teammate After Questionable Hit

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